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Dragon Dreams

Dragon Dreams

A new member of the 9th & 9th community (since late 2007), Dragon Dreams is a New Age Metaphysical Gift Boutique

"Pamper your spirit" with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Incense, Crystals, Local Art, Meditation CDs, Books on Enlightenment and Healing, Dragons, etc. Call about Angel Readings

Step into the tranquil atmosphere of this small boutique, located in the Web of Life Wellness Center

Dragon Dreams is now closed at 9th & 9th (since about 2009)

See the directory on the 9th & 9th Home Page for a list of other shops in the area  

Former Address: 989 East 900 South #A-3, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84105

Gypsy Moon Emporium NOTE: Our neighbor, Gypsy Moon Emporium is a Myths & Legends shop with other different dragons and fairies. If you'd also like a store that is more Celtic in focus, you can easily walk a 1/2 block up to Gypsy Moon

9th & 9th Community - Salt Lake City, Utah

DISCLAIMER: The ads at the top and bottom of this page are not endorsed by or related to Dragon Dreams of Salt Lake City, Utah